By Patrick Burnson · August 12, 2019
The ocean cargo industry has been characterized of late as being plagued by cultural dysfunction, keeping it mired in a sea of debt and service constraints. Our maritime experts reflect on how systemic change may lead to recovery.
By Patrick Burnson · June 28, 2019
Most U.S. shippers have reviewed their contract bunker formulae to take into account the switch to the new IMO 2020-compliant fuel before signing their new May 2019-April 2020 transpacific contracts.
By Patrick Burnson · May 28, 2019
As if things were not tough enough for global ocean carriers these days, meeting shippers’ service and contractual expectations continues to decline,according to the third annual shipper satisfaction survey conducted by the London-based consultancy, Drewry and the European Shippers’ Council.
By Patrick Burnson · February 5, 2019
While the prospects for container shipping are brightening, downside risks of increased inward-looking policies and the rise of trade protectionism are weighing on the outlook for carriers.
By Patrick Burnson · January 10, 2019
In 2019, the world economy will enter a third straight year of broad-based growth, but many economists feel that a combination of rising interest rates and ongoing trade protectionism will continue to create unexpected turbulence—and lead to even higher freight rates. How likely is this to derail the ongoing global expansion?
By Patrick Burnson · September 26, 2018
In a move to ostensibly address environmental concerns, leading ocean cargo carriers have announced that they will impose new surcharges on the first of the year. Leading international shipper’s associations are not buying the explanation, however.
By Patrick Burnson · July 24, 2018
Philip Damas, head of Drewry’s Supply Chain Advisors, notes in an exclusive interview that carrier capacity decisions are driven by trade profitability, ship utilization and other factors.
By Patrick Burnson · June 6, 2018
Over the past nine years, the number of global ocean cargo carriers operating in multiple trade lanes has dropped from 21 to 12—yet the container industry remains only marginally competitive. Shippers, meanwhile, are demanding better service in all vessel deployments.
By Patrick Burnson · April 5, 2018
While it appears that air cargo providers are finally playing their cards right, shippers are eager to see if their carriers use more caution in the future—or decide to double down while their hands are hot. Air Freight Discussion, State of Air Cargo 2018, Discussion on Air Cargo Industry, Air Cargo Research
By Patrick Burnson · March 5, 2018
A new partnership forged between two prominent global supply chain consultancies was announced today by Chainalytics and Drewry Supply Chain Advisors.
By Patrick Burnson · January 12, 2018
Trade and transport analysts see rates rising across all modes in accordance with continued expansion of domestic and international markets. Economists, meanwhile, say shippers can expect revenue growth in transport verticals to remain in the 3%-plus range.
By Patrick Burnson · December 6, 2017
After the strong upwards correction of freight rates witnessed in global ocean container transportation during 2017, the question now is whether the trend will continue for another year or whether rates will stabilize.
By Admin · August 2, 2017
Learn about the 34th Annual Quest for Quality Award winners for global Ocean Carriers
By Patrick Burnson · November 19, 2015
Containership reliability “took a small step backwards” in October as the average on-time performance across all trades reached 77.9 percent.
By Patrick Burnson · July 13, 2015
In this era of fading differentiation in carrier service, how do supply chain managers determine which provider is best for them?

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