35th Annual Salary Survey: Compensation matters more than ever
While job satisfaction remains the primary reason for today’s logistics managers to stay with one company, salaries are barely keeping pace with inflation. With the aging of the industry’s workforce, this trend will need a correction.

April trucking tonnage is solid, reports American Trucking Associations March, which came in at 113.4. Compared to April 2018, SA tonnage saw a 7.7% annual gain, which represents its largest annual increase since July 2018.

Zipline Logistics’ report highlights importance of logistics for CPG shippers A recent report issued by Zipline Logistics, a Columbus, Ohio-based 3PL focusing on retail and consumer products, continues to drive home the importance of...
Weekly diesel average sees slight increase, reports EIA
Most revenue for U.S. ports yet to feel impact of trade war with China, says Fitch Ratings
Looming AOBRD deadline could negatively impact trucking capacity
FMCSA floating idea to allow more teenage truck drivers in interstate commerce
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In 2019, the world economy will enter a third straight year of broad-based growth, but many...
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Every year at this time, group news editor Jeff Berman combs through the mountain of news that was...
Land O’Lakes lock in Texas-based capacity
Faced with the challenge of securing capacity in specific lanes, the iconic company broke with...
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