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New Realities of Transportation Management

This year's keynote address puts the current state of freight transportation into perspective; addresses the market drivers that have created these new challenges; takes a look into the future of freight transportation; and offers practical advice for logistics and supply chain professionals who are bold enough to take the steps necessary to manage these new realities.

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Session 1
E-fulfillment and Final-Mile Management

Our speaker addresses the drivers that are changing supply chain management and, in turn, increasing the need for improved e-fulfillment and final mile services; examines the existing final-mile challenges as customer expectations continue to grow; explores the technology platforms being launched; and offers advice to shippers looking to establish an e-fulfillment and final-mile solution to meet their needs.

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Session 2
Reinventing Transportation Management

Executive Director, MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, Dr. Chris Caplice shares the benefits shippers can realize by leveraging the deep knowledge of a 3PL's strategic planners to come up with an innovative approach to a logistics and transportation challenge.

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Session 3
State of Freight Brokerage

One thing is very clear when discussing trucking: Market conditions just may be the best that they've ever been. In this session our speaker offers shippers a deep dive into the dynamic freight brokerage market.

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Session 4
Logistics & Transportation Trends Survey

Companies across all industries are struggling to find the capacity they need while managing escalating costs. How did we get to this current state when the tools and technologies available have never been more powerful or readily accessible? In this session our panel set out to answer that question as they put context around the findings of this annual report.

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Session 5
Leveraging TMS to Simplify Complexity

Transportation is costly, time-consuming, and often difficult to manage—and it's going to get even more complex as capacity tightens and rates continue to rise over the course of 2019. But done right, transportation management can help shippers create efficiencies, improve productivity, save money, and provide premium levels of customer service.

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