Modex 2018 Product Preview

The Supply Chain Group editorial team offers Logistics Management readers a preview of the latest warehouse and distribution center management equipment, automation and software products that will be introduced on this year’s trade show floor.

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During the week of April 9, the Georgia World Congress Center will open its doors and welcome Modex 2018, an expo for the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain industries, sponsored by MHI. This month, the Supply Chain Group editorial team offers Logistics Management readers a preview of the latest warehouse and distribution center management equipment, automation and software products that will be introduced on this year’s trade show floor.

Interstackable straight wall containers in four new heights

The NewStac straight wall container now comes in a 22 x 24-inch footprint with four height options (7, 8, 11 and 14 inches) and a reduced tare weight. Capable of being stacked with existing container systems, the units feature a textured label area that eliminates the need for exterior placards; three different bottom options; and an optional plastic hinged lid.

SSI Schaefer Systems International, Packaging Systems Division\

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Mobile workstation captures dimensions anywhere in warehouse

Equipped with a QubeVu DimStation, which includes supporting pole and integrated display, Atlas mobile dimensioning workstations measure virtually any shaped item in less than 1 second. Portable for use anywhere in a facility, the system comes in a choice of of 30-inch and 48-inch long workstations that hold and power the dimensioner and associated scales, laptops, thin clients, CPUs and printers. The dimensioning technology features built-in imaging for verification, tracking and claim protection, and is compatible with popular warehouse management systems and shipping software, including UPS Worldship and FedEx ShipStation.

Newcastle Systems

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Robotic lift trucks

The Hyster Driven by Balyo solution optimizes workflow, provides flexibility and reduces costs by automating low value-added materials handling tasks. Navigating autonomously, the robotic lift trucks perform repetitive movements while reducing the risk of damage to goods and increasing productivity. They can be used independently or in conjunction with associates to support warehouse picking, load handling and order fulfillment activities.


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Virtual reality simulator supplements forklift operator training

To serve as a supplemental tool to assist in the development of new and existing forklift operators, a new Virtual Reality (VR) Simulator allows the wearer to enter a simulated warehousing environment while using one of the supplier’s forklifts by plugging into the company’s patent-pending sPort simulation port. After the vehicle is no longer needed for training, the sPort can be disconnected and the forklift returned to warehouse operation, eliminating the need for separate training vehicles. The system lets operators become familiar and comfortable with the vehicle and its controls in a controlled environment prior to operating within the warehouse. It comes preloaded with lesson modules for reach, orderpicker and stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks.

The Raymond Corp

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Test automation software targets supply chain process validation

Cycle test automation software validates critical warehouse functions like picking, shipping and receiving to ensure that the end-user process and the software application used work as expected. To enable technical and non-technical team members to read and write tests, the software’s testing language is simple to understand. Steps are written in straightforward, conditional language and use images for easy comprehension. This allows tighter alignment between business requirements, standard operating procedures, development plans and testing approaches. For conducting large-scale volume tests prior to releasing a system into active production, the software incorporates built-in terminal batch capabilities that create realistic peak workloads for identification of challenges or system issues prior to production.

Tryon Solutions

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Software delivers insight, enhanced control over label design

Browser-based, the newest release of Spectrum 3.5 enterprise labeling software meets complex, high-volume customer and regulatory specific labeling requirements while increasing flexibility, efficiency and control over labeling processes. The software includes new business intelligence capabilities to provide insight into labeling data and activities. It also offers a higher degree of control over label design, as well as enhancements for multi-label layout and session management and auditing. Through configurable dashboards and 25 pre-defined reports, users can leverage analytics to be better informed and drive improvements to labeling processes.


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Load, unload in trailers and narrow aisles with stand-up electric forklift

The Linde Series 1346 stand-up electric counterbalanced truck handles capacities ranging from 3,500 to 4,000 pounds. Best suited for loading and unloading supplies from trucks and working in tight aisles, it lifts loads to heights of 195 inches and features a high-visibility mast, large operator compartment, wrap-around steel bumper and easy access layout.

KION North America

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Handheld mobile computer with high-visibility color touchscreen

The Skorpio X4 mobile computer is rugged and ideal for mobile commerce applications in retail in-store and back-end receiving. The device is equipped with a large, high-visibility, 3.2-inch color touchscreen and ergonomic form factor to reduce operator fatigue. Its wireless communications capabilities (802.11 a/b/g/n) enable fast data transmission, while multiple-input/multiple-output (MIMO) antennas provide extended coverage. A choice of 1D or 2D models is offered with the 1D version integrating a linear imager with a green scan line for crisp aiming; and the white illumination, megapixel 2D imager delivering a high read range for 1D and 2D symbologies.


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