June 2018 Logistics Management Magazine

In this Issue:
  • Closing the Labor Gap
  • The LMS journey
  • Cross-border preparations
  • The path forward for ERP WMS
  • The Top 50 3PLs: Collaboration now paramount
  • Quarterly Transportation Market Update: Ocean Cargo, Reversal of fortune for rates?

By · June 7, 2018
The current labor crisis has put a new spin on how logistics professionals are leveraging their labor management systems (LMS) to work more efficiently in today’s e-commerce, omni-channel environment.

By · June 7, 2018
There’s nothing static about warehouse management systems from enterprise resource planning suppliers. The user base is expanding at a notable clip, and next-generation supply chain technologies from the Cloud to data analytics and smart glasses are in their future.

By · June 7, 2018
Political bluster aside, logistics professionals on all sides of the border agree that careful planning, attention to detail and good partnerships are all key to continued, efficient cross-border transit—no matter who’s in the White House.

By · June 6, 2018
Over the past nine years, the number of global ocean cargo carriers operating in multiple trade lanes has dropped from 21 to 12—yet the container industry remains only marginally competitive. Shippers, meanwhile, are demanding better service in all vessel deployments.

By · June 6, 2018
As the e-commerce juggernaut creates more complexity for today’s logistics managers, finding the right mix of 3PLs with the essential integrated services has never been more important. Experts agree that this is a shared journey with new rules of engagement. Top Third Party Logistics Provider in 2018, Top 3PL Companies 2017, Top Grossing 3PL Company.

By · June 6, 2018
Over the past few years, we’ve used our June issue to address the importance of continuing education and the steps logistics management professionals can take to help recruit, nurture and retain the single most valuable asset of any organization—its people.

By · June 6, 2018
Done right, economies of scale can lower a carrier’s average costs and the freight rates charged to their customers. Getting it right is a balance.

By · June 6, 2018
Future pricing leverage worrisome

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